Hi! I am Riley Mayberry, the CEO and founder of Riley’s Pantry. I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes May of 2016, and since then I have been an active member in the Type One community. When I was diagnosed I felt as if I had no clue what to eat, drink, or do. I thought someone would judge me if I made a mistake and it took me awhile to figure out how to balance my carbs and protein; it took me even longer to realize that no one would judge me for figuring out this new diagnosis. Because of this struggle I came up with Riley’s Pantry. Here we provide you with snacks that you need to have in order to maintain a yummy, healthy diet as a diabetic. We also provide information on how to find balanced meals and snacks in your everyday life. I remember having my whole dinning room full of snacks and meals trying to figure out what I could eat and what would spike my blood sugar. I know the struggle, and I am here to help.